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Decorate a child's room with rattan

Do you want to add a touch of candy and of Bohemia with a rattan decoration?
Here are our essentials for a pretty and successful decoration for your kids' room!

Start by decorating your walls by hanging an assortment of rattan flowers and butterflies for a magical and bohemian touch!

You can also bet on a beautiful piece for a wilder spirit with this rattan elephant head , or rainbows , stars or even symbols Peace&Love :D

You can also hang one or two Shelves that are as pretty as they are practical and ideal for storing baby's small decorative objects, such as a photo frame, or his favorite toys.

Here are some rattan objects to put on your shelves, why not store the toys in this pretty apple box or directly in these rattan boxes.

And to finish a pretty rattan lamp for a bohemian touch with this craft manufacturing

We hope you enjoy this article and inspire you for the future decoration of your kids' rooms!

Team Terracotta


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