How to reproduce the trend of organic shapes in your interior? | Terracotta Shop

La tendance des formes organiques comment la reproduire dans votre intérieur ? | Terracotta Shop

The trend of organic shapes in interior design continues to grow. The asymmetrical and curved shapes, reminiscent of nature , bring a touch of originality to your decoration. If you want to integrate this trend into your interior, here are some tips to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

Organic materials:

To begin with, it is important to choose natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramic or even rattan. The organic shapes combine perfectly with these materials and reinforce the impression of naturalness in your interior.

Furniture and accessories:

To create a decoration with organic shapes, you can opt for furniture with curved and asymmetrical lines. Shell-shaped armchairs, tables with twisted legs or even rounded shelves are all examples of furniture that fits into this trend. You can also add accessories such as ceramic vases, round mirrors or drop-shaped suspensions.

Colors :

For a harmonious atmosphere, it is advisable to stay in natural tones. Warm colors such as beige, brown or green are reminiscent of nature and reinforce the impression of calm and serenity.

Plants :

To complete your decoration with organic shapes, don't forget to add plants. They bring a touch of naturalness and freshness to your interior and combine perfectly with organic furniture and accessories.


Finally, lighting plays an important role in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Opt for luminaires with curved and organic shapes, such as rattan suspensions or pebble-shaped lamps.

In conclusion, the trend of organic forms in interior decoration helps to create a natural and soothing atmosphere. By choosing natural materials, furniture and accessories with curved and asymmetrical lines, natural colors, plants and suitable lighting, you can reproduce this trend at home for an original and harmonious interior.


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